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A total sample of 977 participants from 28 experimental studies yielded 234 effect size estimates of the relationships among independent and dependent variables. Typing and reading text messages while driving adversely affected eye movements, stimulus detection, reaction time, collisions, lane positioning, speed and headway. Typing text messages alone produced similar decrements as typing and reading, whereas reading alone had smaller decrements over fewer dependent variables. Typing and reading text messages affects drivers’ capability to adequately direct attention to the roadway, respond to important traffic events, control a vehicle within a lane and maintain speed and headway. This meta-analysis provides convergent evidence that texting compromises the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users.

“Basically, we see ourselves where drunk driving was 20 years ago,” he said. Police accident-report data indicate that falling asleep while driving leads to about 1.4% of all vehicular accidents and about 4% of all fatal crashes, Dr. Pack said. If passed, the New Jersey bill would be the first in the nation to prohibit all drivers from operating a telephone in a motor vehicle that is in motion. A Gallup Poll says about two-thirds of Americans support outlawing cell-phone use on the road.

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Other countries, including Japan, France, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland, have restricted cell-phone usage in cars. At high accident locations, drivers had to shoot the gaps between multiple lanes of on-coming traffic in order to make a left turn. State Farm traffic experts say allowing protected left turns only on a green arrow is safer. And if the signals are properly timed, the green arrow can improve traffic flow. Not only is the number of mobile phones growing, the piercing sounds of their ringers seem to be increasing as well, with louder and more elaborate tones available, said Ms Amy Wu, who writes for Wired News.

  • Once you are on Official NVIDIA’s driver download site, select the Product type, series, Operating System, and language.
  • All windows benefit from GTK antialiasing now, which should make “rounded corners look crispier”.
  • Folks who use graphics and image editing apps like Photoshop, Lightroom, or any video editing app, you’ll need an astute color profile for consistent output across all the devices.

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros on the planet. 4% of all computers have Ubuntu installed, putting it up there just behind MacOS and Chrome OS. Linux distros are smooth, slick, and intuitive interfaces with a lot going for them. They don’t track you and advertise to you the way Windows, Chrome OS, and MacOS do. When I plugged it (hdmi and mini-dp) I have the image on both screens but not on the built-in screens (it’s ok because I close the laptop in this configuration).

Can I downgrade to windows 10 from windows 11?

Georgia’s new law increases the fine for distracted driving from $150 to up to $900 for repeat offenders. It also increased the penalty from 1 point assessed against a driver’s license to up to 6 points for repeat offenders. Drivers with 15 points in a 24-month period lose their licenses. Essentially, yakking on the phone is dangerous in the car because following along with a conversation competes for the same cognitive resources drivers rely on to assess what’s happening on the road.

The number, for U.S. deaths related to drivers using cell phones, comes from a 2002 study by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis . Researchers then estimated that the use of cell phones by drivers caused approximately 2,600 deaths. With these changes in the law and rising public awareness, the expectation has been that cell-phone related accidents resulting in severe or fatal injuries would trend downward. Fatalities in accidents stemming from trucker cell phone use increased until 2015 and then plateaued with a slight decrease in 2017. Apparently, changes in the law did not solve the problem. Like any other traffic safety measures, cell phone use regulations only work when truckers comply.

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