How To Turn On Bluetooth

As such, it is crucial to make sure the Bluetooth driver is up to date. The good thing is, you can check and update the Bluetooth mouse driver directly from the Windows 10 Device Manager. So, replace the batteries and make sure they are correctly connected on both ends with no wiggle room.

  • You can enable Bluetooth without a keyboard, or without a mouse.
  • Once the process is complete reboot your Windows PC and try again.
  • Usually, Bluetooth will be enabled by default, but you can turn this feature on from the Settings app or Taskbar if it’s not.
  • Simply click on the “Expand” text and other options would appear.

By February 2017, Windows 10 was losing market share to Windows 7. Million devices since the operating system’s launch in July 2015. Windows 10 builds that have this color are no longer the latest version of Windows 10, but are still supported by Microsoft.

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It is possible that your Bluetooth speakers are not set as the default audio playback device. So, to eliminate the sound lags, you need to follow the steps below. If you select ‘Browser my computer for driver software’, then select the path of the drivers and click on ‘Next’.

That scenario occurs when there is no Bluetooth driver set up for the external adaptor or internal component. However, internal Bluetooth devices generally get detected, whether installed or not. If the icon appears in the Function Keys at the top, you may have to press and hold the “Fn” button first, followed by the “Bluetooth” key. This scenario depends on your PC’s current keyboard configuration. To enable Bluetooth, toggle the Bluetooth slider to the On position.

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If your Bluetooth enabled device is unresponsive or sluggish, make sure it isn’t close to any other plugged in USB device. This can cause problems since USB devices that aren’t shielded can interfere with Bluetooth signals and connections. Select the device from the list of available Bluetooth devices, and wait until it pairs with your computer and they’re both connected. Most wireless speakers have a Bluetooth button next to the other controls while headphones have a Bluetooth button on the earcup. You can check the device manufacturer’s website or the manual that came in the package to find out where it is.

Read the steps listed below for an overview of how to connect Bluetooth to your Dell laptop. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where Bluetooth needs to be enabled on a Mac, but you don’t have a mouse or keyboard handy? Also, there is a possibility for the Bluetooth connection to start automatically.

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