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Asanta Machines, a reliable name, has transcended quickly to be the leading engineering and manufacturing company. Dedicatedly, we work towards delivering integrated supply, design, project management and installation services for solid waste management, waste incineration, process heating, size reduction, and the environment sector. A wide range comprising of equipment, technology and plant are offered by us for different kind of waste management including medical, general, hazardous, e-waste and other municipal solid waste.

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We know what is needed

Our team has experienced professionals who know how to fulfill all the customers' complex requirements to deliver what's needed.

We deliver before time

Our track record of delivering machines has been unshaken, and we have delivered every promise before time..

We never stop innovating

Innovation is the critical element of our working methodology. All our work is done by employing the most creative strategies.

Popular Products

paper recycling machine

The recycling of paper is the process by which waste paper is turned into new paper products. It has a number of important benefits besides saving trees from being cut down. It is less energy and water-intensive than paper made from wood pulp.

Organic Waste Compost Machine

The Compost 24 series is fully automatic and compact in size, all Stainless steel construction, processes all types of Organic and Horticulture waste. Noiseless, Odorless, Maintenance-free, No harmful gases are let out and does not need a skilled person to operate it. The process is fully automatic and involves temperature controlled processing of the waste.

Egg Tray Machine

Asanta Machines Pvt. Ltd. EGG TRAY making machines lies in turning waste paper into usable and profitable paper pulping molded products. This model is highly suitable for high volume production of egg trays, fruit trays, etc. This machine is fitted with a sophisticated indexing mechanism to ensure optimum performance levels.

waste paper recycling machine

Asanta Machines Pvt. Ltd. WOOD CHIPPER is designed to take all types of wood log material i.e. hardwood, softwood, etc. The machine is strong enough to go through wet or dry logs tree trunks & logs and turn them into Sawdust/ Wood Chips in one go.

Fruit/Vegetable Pulping Machine

Asanta Machines Pvt. Ltd. Fruits and Vegetable Pulping Machine with motor is used to extract pulp from fruits, vegetables, and other pulpy items. Our machines are developed with International norms using high-grade raw material and modern machinery to ensure that final output meets with industry standards.

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

Asanta Machines Pvt Ltd sanitary napkin incinerator machine is designed in such a way to dispose of napkins in an environment-friendly method by burning the pads and converting them into ash. Machines are designed as per user requirements.

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